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Robert M. Lawrence

Dr. Kruezer, Dr. Cupic, Mike and the rest of the staff:
I had total hip replacement on Monday, was up and walking without any assistance on Tuesday, and am now home on Wednesday, just after noon. I have been essentially pain free the whole time.

Dr. Kruezer assured me of my chances of a good outcome, but did not over-promise. He instead over-delivered! Hardly any of my friends or family believe my experience, and to be honest I am having some dis-belief myself. But seeing is believing, and that is what happened.

I can't thank you adequately, but let me just say- you're the best!

Barbara H.

Barbara H.Barbara H. is a 65 year old female who had been suffering from arthritis for many years. Once she finally decided to have a hip replacement done, she received a new approach, "The Minimally Invasive Anterior Hip Approach." She was amazed about her recovery.
Barbara H. said: "I never had any pain. I had my surgery on Tuesday, I walked over 1,000 feet on Thursday, did stairs by myself, and I went to church on Sunday carrying my cane." Michelle her physical therapist said: "I have never seen anybody recover so fast from a hip replacement and when I watched her walk two days after surgery I could not tell which hip was replaced."

Barbara H. was dismissed from her physical therapist after the third session since they did not feel that they could contribute any more to her recovery. "They were all amazed because they were also going to other people's homes that had hip replacement surgery with the traditional approach and the patient had difficulties getting out of bed 2 to 3 weeks after surgery," Barbara H. said.

Clarence B.

As I begin writing, my new hip has been in place for only 10 days. But what an amazing 10 days it has been. As the Blond Bomber, Dave Draper (27 & 60, Personalities) might say, I’m soaring high above the clouds in bright sunlight. Thanks to the marvelous new approach pioneered and perfected in this country by Los Angeles-based Joel Matta, MD, the mentor of my surgeon Swiss-born Stefan Kreuzer, MD, I’m more optimistic about the future than ever. I can’t wait any longer to begin telling you about it… Read More »

Dick B.

Ahoy Mates, this is the story about a new, unbelievable, sensational, total hip joint replacement surgical procedure which I have just experienced… Read More »

Ned G.

It seems like a miracle. I had osteoarthritic pain for the last 4 – 5 years in my left hip. I had been to two other orthopedic surgeons in Austin, Texas who told me I needed a hip replacement. This was prior to the anterior approach and I just kept putting it off waiting for something better and was just less active to keep the pain down.

Then we moved to the Houston area and it turned out our next door neighbor's son was a representative for Stryker Hip Replacement joints. He told me Dr. Stefan Kreuzer was the only surgeon he would recommend because he did the anterior approach which also required a special operating table. There were only two tables in Houston and Dr. Kreuzer, as Chief of Orthopedics at Memorial Hermann, Memorial City Hospital, had access to one of them and the special training and experience required to perform this surgery… Read More »

Lynn M.

I can't thank you enough for returning me to an active lifestyle.

Lynn M.In the last 3 plus years my left hip bone had degraded to the point that I was in restrictive pain constantly. I was prohibited from participating in many of my daily activities and recreational bowling, swimming and physical fitness programs at the 24 Hour Fitness gym. In the last year the hip pain was so excruciating that I was unable to sleep for more than a few hours per night. Movement of sitting to standing, etc. sent unbearable pain through my hip, groin and back.

Your skills, professional staff and the Anterior Hip Replacement procedure have banished the pain. I've regained my capacity to attend to the house and the yard. I'm able to drive my car, shop, walk my dog and enjoy the recreational things that I love to do. My physical fitness program is rapidly coming back on track.

All of the progress to present physical capacity has occurred within 2 weeks of surgery, and strengthening exercises will move me further into my desired physical fitness.

Don B.

I have had both hips replaced, the first ten years ago utilizing the posterior approach. The recovery was very difficult. I was on crutches for about 6 weeks and went through several months of painful rehabilitation. In 2007 I had to have my other hip replaced. However, thanks to Dr. Stefan Kreuzer and his anterior approach, things were much different. I walked out of the hospital less than 2 days after surgery using only a cane for stability. My rehab was to walk 20 to 30 minutes twice a day. 6 weeks after surgery I was playing golf again. Having had both types of surgery, I can testify that in my case, Dr. Kreuzer and the anterior approach meant less pain, rehab, and a much faster recovery.


Dr. Kreuzer,

I just got back from a show in Houston and stayed with my brother Dr. J.A. and I told him how appreciative I was about the hip replacement. He suggested I write you a note. I had thought about doing this anyway but this morning I had the brilliant idea of using my new apple laptop since my old computer was a hideous dinosaur and this way I spare you the chore of reading my handwriting which is slightly better than my brother's.

Anyway, to finally get to the point!!!! This operation has been amazing, and now that I am almost 4 months out I feel extraordinary energy and vitality. I do not think I comprehended how much energy was going to my bad hip physically and mentally. I did not want to go to medical solutions for the problem so there was so much resistance and sadness that I could not conquer the situation on my own. Now I feel so good I wonder what the fuss was about. Friends were amazed at how speedy the recovery was and I kept saying it was an amazing operation.

So thank you again for your surgical skill.

Sincerely, E.J.

Dr. Stefan Kreuzer
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